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Renewable and locally produced UPM BioVerno diesel fuel will be available from ABC service stations

(UPM and ABC, 8 May 2015) - As of May, UPM’s new wood-based BioVerno diesel fuel will be available at ABC service stations. The product, sold as a part of ABC’s Smart Diesel range, is a result of UPM’s own innovation and is produced at the UPM Lappeenranta Biorefinery. Read more »


High cetane number, low emissions - The renewed St1 Diesel plus contains UPM's Finnish renewable diesel

(UPM and St1, May 6, 2015) Finnish energy company St1 has renewed its Premium class diesel fuel. Distributed across the entire St1 network, the new Diesel plus is an extraordinary diesel fuel that combines state-of-the-art technical properties with UPM's new wood-based renewable diesel that is manufactured in Finland. Read more »