​For our distribution partners, UPM BioVerno offers a new way to increase the degree of renewability and domestic production in their products. UPM's long-term cooperation with WWF Finland ensures meeting high criteria of sustainability.

​At the moment, UPM BioVerno is procured by NEOT (North European Oil Trade) and sold in Finland blended in the respective diesel products of Finnish retailers St1 and ABC.

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​St1: Cleaner energy through cooperation

​For St1, UPM BioVerno is a new solution for increasing the share of domestic, renewable energy in traffic fuels. Our partnership complements the company's own production in the sector and helps them further in meeting the obligations in renewability, as well as in achieving their strategic goal of being the leading producer and seller of CO2-aware energy.

Have a look at a partner interview of Harri Tuomaala, Marketing Director at St1.
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​ABC: Furthering the sustainable and domestic

​At ABC, domestic production and sustainability are highly valued in all of their business sectors. Through UPM BioVerno, they are able to further these attributes in their traffic fuels product range, too. Not an easy task, given Finland’s current dependence on imported oil. Yet, through innovation and persistence it is possible.

Have a look at a partner interview of Tiina Vehmala-Viksten, Development Director at ABC.
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​Towards a higher rate of domestic production

​Jointly owned by St1 and SOK, NEOT (North European Oil Trade) procures the fuel for St1 and SOK’s ABC stations in Finland. It is strategically important for NEOT, and Finland, to keep growing the share of domestic fuel production. In that matter, UPM BioVerno contributes to NEOT’s own production.

The highly sustainable UPM BioVerno also helps in meeting with renewability obligations posed on fuel distributors. In fact, Finland is implementing these obligations at twice the speed compared to the European average.

Have a look at a partner interview of Henrikki Talvitie, CEO, at NEOT.
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​UPM and WWF Finland long-term partners

​UPM and WWF Finland have long-term and versatile cooperation in promoting sustainability of forest management, protected areas network in Finland and sustainability of wood-based liquid biofuels. Together with WWF Finland, we promote advanced biofuels that:
- deliver high green house gas emission savings
- are produced in highly efficient processes
- comply with robust and credible sustainability criteria

We continue our co-operation to further develop common understanding by joint research in advanced wood-based biofuels.
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