Partnerships guarantee lasting success

​Transport biofuels are a new, rapidly growing and developing sector that is subject to many expectations and challenges as well. We are seeking to be frontrunners in advanced biofuels. This can only be achieved through extensive collaboration that covers the needs of consumers, society and industry, and satisfies environmental and regulatory requirements.

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Made by Finland celebrates Finnish work

​UPM Biofuels is involved in the Made by Finland campaign: a joint initiative of the Association for Finnish Work and its affiliates and partner organisations marking the centenary of Finnish independence. The campaign invites everyone in Finland to reflect on their own work and to share stories of Finnish work. Finnish affluence has been built through work, and we believe that work will also continue to build our prosperity for the next hundred years.

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The Key Flag means made in Finland

UPM BioVerno is entitled to use the Key Flag of the Association for Finnish Work, designating a product or service for which more than 50 per cent of production costs arise in Finland. UPM BioVerno exceeds this requirement by a considerable margin, so you can fill your tank with a renewable fuel of certified Finnish origin. UPM BioVerno is the only fuel to use the Key Flag.
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