WWF Finland and UPM to work together

WWF Finland and UPM to work together

Biofore company UPM and the conservation organisation WWF Finland have started to work together to promote sustainable wood-based biofuels as well as sustainable forest management and sourcing of raw materials in Finland.

UPM's goal is to reduce transportation's dependence on fossil fuels and to become a significant player in high quality, wood-based biofuels.

"Sustainably produced, wood-based biofuels provide a promising alternative to decrease both emissions in traffic and oil imports, as well as to increase national energy independence. The key element in the WWF cooperation is to promote the sustainability and use of wood-based, advanced biofuels, such as the renewable diesel produced at the UPM Biorefinery in Lappeenranta, Finland," says Sari Mannonen, Director, Sales and Marketing, UPM Biofuels.

The cornerstone of UPM's Biofore strategy is businesses which use renewable and recyclable resources. UPM is a significant forest operator in Finland as a wood provider, forest manager and owner. UPM and WWF Finland will seek new ways to protect biodiversity and encourage the use of FSC certification in privately-owned Finnish woods.

UPM and WWF Finland will also cooperate in species protection, for example creating guidelines on improving the living conditions of the white-backed woodpecker, which combines the forest and environmental expertise of both parties. Methods for protecting other species and groups of species are also being developed jointly.