Article | 06/17/2019 07:06:57

Careers, UPM. Young people appreciate a meaningful working life – UPM does well in attractive employer survey

UPM has improved its rankings on the list of the most attractive employers in Finland. Engineering students ranked UPM as the sixth most attractive company to work for, up from last year's ninth position. Among natural science students, UPM’s reputation leaped from 16th to 7th place.

In addition to good advancement opportunities, students appreciate UPM’s friendly and participatory work atmosphere, the versatility of tasks, the opportunity to learn new things as well as to develop and influence matters with their own input.

Among female engineering students, UPM was the number one choice.

The overall success and good prospects of the forest and biotechnology sectors also increase the interest of young people in the field. UPM's commitment to finding solutions towards a fossil-independent future speaks to young people who need to find more and more meaning in their working life.

Young people's expectations for working life in general are high. A career is expected not only to offer good development prospects, but also a solid value base, work-life balance and a sense of relevance.





The Universum survey is conducted annually.

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Text: Saara Töyssy