We have partnered with both corporate and public organisations to promote responsible operations as well as the use of sustainable products.



We promote sustainable biomass value chains for biofuels in BIKE project

UPM Biofuels has joined the BIKE project that promotes low-ILUC risk biofuels production for European Bioeconomy. The project has received funding from the European Union.

The project brings together companies and research organisations who believe that novel, safe and reliable biomass value chains can be deployed to produce food, feed, biofuels and biomaterials with a low risk of generating indirect land use change.

Sustainable biomass-based biofuels mitigate ILUC (Indirect Land Use Change) because they result from productivity increases such as sequential cropping of cover or intermediate crops, or they come from crops grown on abandoned or degraded land.

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Bio100 project seeks carbon-free urban transport

Bio100 is a biofuel project run by Helsinki Region Transport (HSL) and the City of Helsinki Stara Construction Service that seeks a gradual conversion to biofuel operation of Helsinki Metropolitan Area bus transport and Stara vehicles and machinery.

High quality biofuels are a cost-effective option for reducing traffic emissions. No new vehicles or distribution infrastructure will be required for their use. UPM Biofuels is part of a three-year project co-ordinated by the Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT) that seeks to increase the share of biofuels in combustion engines to at least 50% in 2017 and 70–90% in 2019.

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UPM BioVerno in marine transport

UPM BioVerno diesel is the first wood-based fuel used in practical marine transport tests. The renewable diesel was tested by an international consortium including international dredging company and shipping specialist Boskalis, leading commercial supplier of marine biofuels GoodFuels Marine, and Finnish engine and generator manufacturer Wärtsilä.

The aim of the consortium was to promote the use of sustainable and economical marine fuels over a two-year pilot project.

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The road towards zero-emissions mobility - UPM and the Bio100 project


Working together for social responsibility


We are a part of several cooperation initiatives promoting renewable biofuels



Sustainable biofuel solutions through industrial cooperation

UPM is a founding member of Leaders of Sustainable Biofuels (LSB), a coalition established in 2012 to bring together leading European biofuel manufacturers and technology developers to promote advanced biofuels in Europe. LSB consists of 12 companies from 9 countries to promote the role of advanced biofuels in transport decarbonisation.



Towards a wider bioeconomy with ZERO

UPM Biofuels and the Zero Emission Resource Organisation cooperate in promoting the transition towards a wider bioeconomy – aiming to bring green shift in the transport and petrochemicals sectors. Renewable advanced biofuels enable climate change mitigation in transport and sustainable bioproducts, such as bioplastics, can replace fossil products.

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