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  • UPM receives EcoVadis Platinum recognition for its responsibility performance
Story | 08/19/2021 06:56:44 | 2 min Read time

UPM receives EcoVadis Platinum recognition for its responsibility performance

In July 2021, sustainability ratings provider EcoVadis again awarded UPM with its highest level of recognition for responsibility performance. Only 1 per cent of over 75,000 companies assessed globally attain the Platinum level.

The EcoVadis rating is based on a comprehensive assessment of our responsibility operations including verified, public information about our supply chain practises. EcoVadis also makes a 360°screening of news and findings concerning us from thousands of public sources.

UPM’s score has increased by two points since last year to 84/100. The EcoVadis rating assesses companies' performance in four categories: Environment, Labour and Human Rights, Ethics, and Sustainable Procurement. UPM is in the top 1 per cent in the Environment, Labour and Human Rights and Sustainable Procurement categories. In Ethics we are in the top 4 per cent.

The rating levels are Platinum (top 1%), Gold (top 5%), Silver (top 25%) and Bronze (top 50%). The sustainability assessment is based on leading international sustainability standards such as Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact and ISO 26000. The EcoVadis assessment process and methodology are supervised by an international scientific committee.

EcoVadis strengthens trust between customer and supplier

Our stakeholders are taking a growing interest in our corporate responsibility performance.

“UPM Specialty Papers receives hundreds of responsibility related inquiries annually from our customers, and 10-15% of these queries involve supplier performance. Our supplier management systems, environmental policies, Codes of Conduct and working conditions at our paper mills are important aspects in customers’ supply chain management,” says Jue Wang, Senior Environmental Specialist at UPM Specialty Papers.

“The EcoVadis assessment gives customers a comprehensive overview of our operations and increases trust from the risk management point of view. We encourage customers working together with us to improve sustainable supply chain management for both sides”, Wang says.

UPM is a member of the Together for Sustainability (TfS) alliance, which requires member companies to achieve a high EcoVadis rating. EcoVadis also provides us with an important tool for assessing our suppliers.