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How do we go ‘beyond fossils’? - UPM BioVerno

UPM turns wood-based biomass and production residues into sustainable solutions suitable across industries. UPM BioVerno is a drop-in diesel, a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels.  With cleaner traffic, achieved by lower tailpipe and greenhouse gas emissions, this is what fuels the future. Read more about UPM's alternatives for fossil-based materials.



Growing Fuel Potential

Jaakko Nousiainen, UPM Biofuels, shares his time between the forest, the control rooms and the lab where he oversees the production of the biofuel. The Nordic Bioeconomy Programme has released 15 action points to boost sustainable bioeconomy.  Check out Jaakko’s biofuel story – one of the most visible sustainable bioeconomy solution in Nordic & Baltic states. Courtesy of Nordiska Ministerrådet and Green Exchange.



Renewable by Design

Choosing a package can make a difference – Elopak, Dow and UPM Biofuels joint forces. Every day millions of people pick paperboard-based cartons in their shopping carts in grocery stores around the world. Choosing a package can make a difference.



Story of UPM BioVerno diesel – from innovation to final product

See the journey of UPM BioVerno renewable diesel from innovation into real product in UPM Lappeenranta Biorefinery, Finland.



UPM Biofuels – Highlights of the past few years

We’ve been chasing our dreams since 2006. Take a look at our journey and some of the greatest moments from these years!



UPM Lappeenranta Biorefinery - Making industrial history on the shore of Lake Saimaa

See how the UPM Kaukas integrated mill site has been a centre of wood-based innovations since 1892.



Door opener to the biofuel market

A trailblazing product in terms of technology, UPM BioVerno has given us the opportunity to access the global biofuel market. See what Petri Kukkonen, Vice President of UPM Biofuels Development, has to say about UPM BioVerno.



Combining professionals from various sectors

Successfully operating the UPM Lappeenranta Biorefinery requires a combination of expertise from the chemical, wood processing and oil refining industries to yield genuinely novel solutions for plant operations. See what Thomas Björklöf, Technology Manager from UPM Biofuels Development, tells about his experiences.



First commercial marine biofuel based on wood residues

Dutch sustainable biofuel leader GoodFuels Marine and leading dredging company Boskalis have succesfully concluded extensive testing of UPM BioVerno wood-based renewable diesel on a vessel working on the Dutch “Marker Wadden” nature restoration project in the middle of the Markermeer lake.



Reinforcing client relationships through CSR Engagement

UPM, a Finnish forest industry company, and BNP Paribas shared commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility has benefited both firms. 



Fact and fable about biofuels - Algae in the fuel tank?

It is a complete myth that UPM BioVerno diesel encourages the growth of algae in a fuel tank. So how does UPM BioVerno differ from first generation biodiesel?



Fact and fable about biofuels - Are any trees felled to make UPM BioVerno?

None. Renewable UPM BioVerno diesel is made from tall oil, a residue of pulp production. How does this affect the use of wood?



Fact and fable about biofuels - Does renewable diesel damage engine gaskets?

UPM BioVerno diesel is chemically similar to conventional diesel fuel and causes no harm to engine gaskets.



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