UPM BioVerno naphtha for traffic fuels


Our renewable UPM BioVerno naphtha, an ideal biocomponent for gasoline and for replacing fossil feedstock, is also produced in the UPM Lappeenranta Biorefinery. The raw material for Finnish UPM BioVerno naphtha consists of crude tall oil extracted during the pulp production process.


UPM BioVerno naphtha is a versatile biocomponent

Replacing fossil raw materials

Blending into transport fuels

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions



UPM BioVerno naphtha features

Product information

  • Made from crude tall oil - a residue of the pulp production process

  • A chemically pure hydrocarbon

  • A colourless, sulphur-free, paraffinic biocomponent

  • May be used as a biocomponent in fossil gasoline

  • Blending with gasoline enables a higher biofuel content than when using ethanol alone

  • Can be used as a raw material for making bioplastics and in other chemical industry solutions


Principal quality figures

  • Density (at 15 °C): max. 775 kg/m3 

  • Sulphur: max. 10 mg/kg

  • End point of distillation: max. 210 °C

Sustainability certification

  • ISCC EU, ISCC PLUS, RSB EU RED, RSB low ILUC risk and Finnish national sustainability scheme

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