The change is clear

UPM BioVerno offers a new perspective on plastic. By replacing fossil-based materials with a wood-based renewable alternative, it provides a sustainable drop-in solution without compromise on appearance, quality or recyclability.


DROP-IN Sustainability

Waterproof. Airtight. Endlessly versatile. There are many scenarios where these qualities come in handy – and others where they are essential. UPM BioVerno means there is a sustainable solution wherever and whenever fossil-based plastics may previously have been necessary.


New perspective on plastic



Cleaner. Purer. Better.

Every ton of wood-based UPM BioVerno used saves 3 tons of carbon dioxide emissions compared to fossil raw material. You still get all the usual benefits plastic provides - such as durability, flexibility, and recyclability - just with a significantly smaller carbon footprint. In short, it is the purer solution in any situation where plastic is required.

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Sit back and relax.
We’ve got this.

UPM BioVerno replaces fossil-based materials with a wood-based alternative. It can be dropped straight into the manufacturing process without any compromise on process or performance – the only change being a significant reduction in the customer’s carbon footprint. A certified mass balance system makes it possible to verify a combination of renewable raw materials and products used.

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Brand new,
second hand.

UPM BioVerno is a drop-in biofeed sourced from crude tall oil, a wood-based residue of the pulp making process. It is outside the food chain and requires no increase in harvesting or land use. Put simply, it is a true product of the circular economy.

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Return to your roots.
Again and again.

Plastic containing UPM BioVerno may look like any other, but it originates from sustainably-managed Nordic forests. In Finland, forest growth has doubled in the past 50 years and European forest areas have expanded by 17,5 million hectares in the past 25 years. UPM alone plants 50 million trees each year worldwide. When managed responsibly, the forest is a truly renewable material source.

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Join our journey to shape your future

Sustainability is a fundamental requirement and expectation of any business that uses plastic. UPM is delivering on its promise to open up a future beyond fossils and is the first global forest company to commit to the UN Global Compact’s Business Ambition for 1.5°C, a pledge to pursue science-based measures to limit a rise in global temperatures.