Renewable turpentine and pitch


In addition to diesel and naphtha our other output streams from the Lappeenranta Biorefinery include renewable turpentine and pitch. All the residues have several applications in the chemical industry.



Sustainable scents with turpentine

Wood-based turpentine, a residue of UPM´s renewable diesel production, is a sustainable, non-fossil feedstock for aroma chemicals used in the fragrance industry.

Aroma chemicals are used in many products from perfume, flavours and cosmetics to cleaning products and detergents. In fact a large proportion of all aromatic molecules used in today’s fragrance industry are based on turpentine obtained from natural, renewable resources, such as wood biomass.


Pitch paves the way

Another residue from the biorefinery, wood-based pitch, can be used to produce inks, bitumen for roads and roofs, or used as biofuel. Now there is a renewable alternative. Thus, a new wood-based product developed from the residue of pulp production generates new side streams that are further utilised as renewable resources.