Eveliina Levina starts her third summer at UPM Lappeenranta Biorefinery

Eveliina Levina is one of UPM Biofuels’ summer workers. She first joined UPM in the spring of 2018 as an intern as part of her vocational studies. The internship lasted about three months after which Eveliina stayed with us for the summer. These days she is a second-year student at Turku University of Applied Sciences studying process and material engineering.

Third summer at the refinery started in early May. “The working environment here is amazing and the work itself is versatile and interesting. I have enjoyed my time at UPM a lot and that’s why I decided to return for a third time.”

On her free time Eveliina likes to cook and watch Netflix. She is originally from Joensuu but currently lives in Imatra.

We interviewed Eveliina about her work and expectations for the summer. We also asked her what she thinks of UPM as an employer.

Versatile and interesting work in great company

This summer Eveliina is working in analysing the biorefinery products and ingredients, quality control and confirmation. “My previous degree qualifies me as a laboratory technician and in my current studies I am majoring in chemical engineering, so my work responsibilities match my education. The work is versatile and seem interesting”, Eveliina says about her job description.

Eveliina is especially happy with the atmosphere UPM has created. “The atmosphere is really nice, which makes it a great place to work”, she says. During the summer Eveliina would like to get some experience in problem solving.

When asked about improvements UPM needs, Eveliina can’t think of any now.

She would be happy to recommend UPM as an employer. “In my experience UPM’s employees are friendly, the atmosphere is great and UPM’s values are good and align with my own,” Eveliina concludes.



Text: Damyanti Rathore

Picture: Ville Vauhkonen