UPM to chair 'Leaders of Sustainable Biofuels' coalition

Other news 9.9.2014 16:56 EEST


(9 September 2014) - UPM’s Marko Janhunen will chair the Leaders of Sustainable Biofuels (LSB) group for the coming year. He was elected during LSB’s general meeting in Brussels on 3 June, 2014.

LSB is a coalition of key companies in the advanced biofuels sector aiming to promote the development of second generation advanced biofuels in Europe. Currently eight European companies from seven countries are engaging within LSB to discuss biofuels regulation with European institutions and member states.

Marko Janhunen, Vice President, Stakeholder Relations, UPM Biorefining states: “The coming year will be critically important for the industry as important legislation is under preparation in the European Union. The renewal of the renewable energy directive (ILUC) will be debated in the newly elected European parliament, member states will discuss EU policy for post 2020 and preparations for global climate negotiations are underway for United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris 2015.”

Leaders of Sustainable Biofuels will continue to engage with stakeholders to ensure the opportunities of advanced biofuels are recognised.

Through the renewing of the bio and forest industries, UPM is building a sustainable future across six business areas: UPM Biorefining, UPM Energy, UPM Raflatac, UPM Paper Asia, UPM Paper Europe and North America and UPM Plywood. Our products are made of renewable raw materials and are recyclable. We serve our customers worldwide. The group employs around 21,000 people and its annual sales are approximately € 10 billion. UPMM shares are listed on NASDAQ OMX Helsinki. UPM – The Biofore Company – www.upm.com

UPM Biofuels
UPM plans to become a major player in high quality, advanced biofuels for transport. Biofuels are an essential part of the Biofore strategy. The innovative wood-based biofuels developed by the company and their production technologies are part of the sustainable future. UPM's biofuels are frontrunners in quality, usability and sustainability. They will significantly decrease the greenhouse gas emissions compared to fossils fuels. www.upmbiofuels.com

The Leaders of Sustainable Biofuels
The LSB is a group composed by the Chief Executive Officers of Leading European biofuel producers and European airlines. The initiative aims at supporting the development of second generation biofuels in Europe. The leaders of UPM, British Airways, Biochemtex, BTG, Chemrec, Clariant, Dong Energy and St1 Biofuels Oy and are joining forces to ensure the market uptake of advanced sustainable biofuels by all transport sectors.

email: info@sustainablebiofuelsleaders.com
Website: http://www.sustainablebiofuelsleaders.com

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