UPM innovations showcased during the International Wood Biorefining Week

Press Release 25.5.2016 9:16 EEST

International Wood Biorefining Week - Biofore Concept Car

(25 May 2016) The Biofore Concept Car – a symbol of the new innovative forest industry – has for two years travelled around the world and been admired in many events. This week the car has been on display at the International Wood Biorefining Week in Stockholm together with UPM BioVerno the world’s first wood-based renewable diesel. UPM participated the fair in the new Bioeconomy Innovation Forum – a meeting ground of the forest industry and other manufacturing industries.

The International Pulp and Paper Week has for years been a central meeting place for the forest industry. This year the week combines three different events as the International Pulp and Paper Week, World Bioenergy and the Bioeconomy Innovation Forum join forces. With over 170 exhibitors and 2500 industry experts the International Wood Biorefining Week gathers together the latest knowledge, expertise and innovations.

The Bioeconomy Innovation Forum was set up for the very first time this year as a meeting place for the forest industry and other manufacturing industries interested in bio-based materials. The forum invites industries such as the automotive, packaging, chemical, construction, retail and the textile industry to explore the possibilities of wood-based innovations.

UPM BioVerno, a Finnish diesel fuel derived from crude tall oil, a residue of UPM’s own pulp production and the Biofore Concept Car, manufactured from wood-based composite materials, are both examples of the forest industry’s capability to expand into new business areas.

At the fair conference on Wednesday, Juuso Konttinen, Vice President, UPM Biochemicals, presents UPM’s views on how forest industry innovations can make a difference in a world facing the challenges of population growth, climate change and resource scarcity. The Biofore Concept Car, UPM BioVerno renewable diesel, UPM Growdex cellulose based hydrogel for life science applications and phenol in resins replaced by renewable UPM biochemicals were presented as examples of UPM innovations already making a difference for the better.

“Wood is a unique and excellent raw material for mitigating global challenges. UPM offers renewable and sustainable alternatives like UPM BioVerno renewable diesel that produces 80 % lower carbon emissions,” said Konttinen in his presentation.

The Biofore Concept Car raised a lot of interest at UPM’s stand.